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The XP-Line is designed for a very wide range of users and is suitable for individuals and companies who need a reliable and user-friendly 3-axis CNC machine for machining a wide range of soft materials such as wood, plastics and various composites. It is a great all-rounder CNC machine and is ideal for a wide range of products. The configurator also allows the selection of various accessories such as HIWIN linear technology, stand, aluminium table, vacuum table and other accessories.

Ball screws

Four high-precision ball-screw spindles ensure optimal accuracy in machinery operations.

Aluminum table

Aluminium table is a excellent choice because provides better stability on the base frame and a more functional workpiece clamping surface

Leg kit

Order a metal base leg kit for self-assembly or contact us for a custom quote including a fully assembled machine with base leg kit.

Electrical cabinet

The electrical cabinet includes all electronics with JMC Nema 34 closed-loop motors, AXBB-E controller with UCCNC licensed software, sensors for automatic squaring and limit switches.

Included in electrical cabinet:
  • Industrial steel enclosure
  • All shielded cables
  • 1pcs 5M ethernet cable for connection with your PC
  • AXBB-E motion controller
  • 4pcs Nema 34 4.5Nm Closed loop motors with drivers
  • UCCNC software program with licence key
  • 48V 1500W Power supply
  • 5V 60W Power supply
  • 24V 75W Power supply
  • Emi filter
  • Main switch
  • GX connectors for all cables
  • 5 x Mechanical limit switches for all axis
  • 4 x Inductive sensor reference switches for all axis:
    • 1x X-axis
    • 1x Z-axis
    • 2x Y-axis (Auto Squaring)
  • LED strip bellow X-axis
  • Feed rate BOX CNC machine speed control
  • Touch probe Identify and set your work zero in X, Y, and Z-Axis
Hardware & system requirements:
  • 3kW spindles require a 3-phase electrical connection with 3x 16A fuse
  • 2.2kW spindles require a 1-phase electrical connection with 1x 20A fuse

The minimal hardware requirements for the computer are as follows:

  • CPU frequency: minimum 1.8 GHz (duo or dual core is recommended.)
  • Graphics card: OpenGL 1.3 or higher compatible
  • RAM: minimum 1GB for XP and 2GB for all other supported OS.
  • Hard drive space: minimum 16GB
  • Ethernet port (it is highly recomanded that you use ethernet port just for UCCNC software, not for internet)
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Interested in a custom size? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your options.

For any further questions regarding the model, specifications or dimensions of the machine, please contact us and we will help you find the right solution.


Work area(travel)

X: 850 mm
Y: 700 mm
Z: 248 mm

Outer dimensions

Length: 1100 mm
Width: 1290 mm
Height: 840 mm

Clamping area

X: 900 mm
Y: 880 mm

Clearance below X axis

199 mm (without MDF ot ALU table)

Cutting Speed

15000 mm/min Nema 34


- 0.050/300 mm


+/- 0.02 mm

Resolution: X/Y/Z

+/- 0.001 mm

Approx weight

105 kg basic weight of machine

+ 33 kg with optional ALU table

+ 22 kg with optional Leg kit

+ 10 kg with optional 2.2kW spindle and VFD

What's included

  • Completely assembled CNC machine
  • Heavy duty and rigid construction
  • Fast and precize Ball-screw motion on all axis
  • 2 x linear rails 20mm for X-Axis with 4pcs linear blocks
  • 1 x linear rail 20mm on each side for Y-Axis with 4pcs linear block
  • 2 x linear rail 15mm on Z-axis with 4pcs linear blocks
  • 2 x Ball-screw motion 25x10mm on Y axis
  • 1 x Ball-screw motion 20x10mm on X axis
  • 1 x Ball-screw motion 16x5mm on Z axis
  • Base frame assembly with 8040 ALU profiles
  • USB key with all documentation and manual
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